Academia is tough – now imagine trying to enter it as a refugee

As tensions grew around him between local young men and the refugees housed in their area, Dr Al Ajlan tried to build a new life and restart his career. […]


Long Term Organic Diet Intervention Reduces Pesticide Metabolites in Pregnant Women

[Fonte: Boise State News] Organic versus conventional foods: are they really better for people’s health? Are all organic foods created equal, […]


Food price hike warning if pesticides are banned

[Fonte: FarmingUK] The average UK family grocery bill could increase by more than £786 over the course of a year without the use of plant protection products. […]


Green fertiliser made from cow dung and chicken feathers could transform big agriculture

European agriculture produces an abundance of high quality food, but also massive amounts of waste from crops and farm animals, including about  […]


Soil Health Institute releases strategy for enhancing soil health

[Fonte: AGDAILY] When farmers are on the fence about incorporating soil health practices into their management decisions, they do the research. […]


Ursula von der Leyen, próxima presidenta de la Comisión Europea


Úrsula Von der Leyen (Fuente: Parlamento Europeo)
La alemana Ursula von der Leyen será […]


El Fega recuerda que hasta el 31 de agosto se podrán modificar las parcelas agrarias de la solicitud única de la PAC

La Presidencia del Fondo Español de Garantía Agraria (Fega) ha hecho pública una circular en la que resuelve y recuerda que hasta el 31 de agosto se podrá […]


Research into surveillance and prevention of citrus greening disease

[Fonte: AGDAILY] In recent years, the vast majority of Florida’s citrus growers have encountered the effects of citrus greening disease, […]


Polémica en torno al pago acoplado a la remolacha y el uso de neonicotinoides

Los Estados miembros de la UE mantienen diferencias en torno al pago acoplado a la remolacha y al uso, […]


Plazo de modificación de la solicitud única para agricultores controlados por monitorización

Los agricultores que hayan presentado su solicitud de ayuda en la presente campaña 2019 y que estén sujetos a controles mediante monitorización podrán modificar las parcelas agrarias de su solicitud única, […]

Notícias PAC pós 2020

España piensa en las medidas medioambientales de la PAC como respuesta a la sequía

El ministro de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación en funciones, Luis Planas, ha participado este lunes 15, en Bruselas, en el Consejo de Ministros de Agricultura de la Unión Europea, […]


German Minister Casts Doubt on Glyphosate’s Future Use in Europe

[Fonte: Bloomberg] German Agriculture Minister Julia Kloeckner said glyphosate herbicide probably won’t have enough support to gain re-authorization for use in the  […]


1/3 of the world’s soil is degraded. But technology can bring our farmland ‘back to life’

[Fonte: Genetic Literacy Project] In Iowa they call it “black gold” – a fertile blanket covering the landlocked Midwestern state. […]


Putting pigs in the shade: the radical farming system banking on trees

[Fonte: The Guardian] A farm in Portugal is showing how the ancient art of silvopasture – combining livestock with productive trees – may offer some real answers to the climate crisis

The land to the north of the village of Foros de Vale Figueira in southern Portugal has been owned and farmed through the centuries by Romans, […]


Robot uses machine learning to harvest lettuce

[Fonte: AGDAILY] A vegetable-picking robot that uses machine learning to identify and harvest a commonplace, but challenging, agricultural crop has been developed by engineers. […]


Progress report shows an increase in soil health practices

[Fonte:AGDAILY] When farmers are interested in adding cover crops or other soil health practices into their operation, […]


2% administrative cost and 15 hours a year: is the 2013 CAP really burdensome for farmers?

11 July 2019
The current CAP – and in particular the 2013 CAP reform – has been accused for a long time now of generating too much administrative burden for farmers. […]


Finlandia toma el control agrario: ¿De que hablarán los ministros de Agricultura de la UE el lunes que viene?

Este próximo lunes 15 de julio, se celebrará una nueva sesión del Consejo de Agricultura y Pesca de la UE que inaugurará […]


A new way to grow crops in marginal soils could help feed the world

[Fonte: Stanford Engineering] The discovery of an eco-friendly form of genetic engineering for plants has the potential to open up more farmland for food production. […]


Study highlights nitrogen efficiency gains in corn hybrids over 70 years

[Fonte:] During the past 70 years, hybrid corn varieties have increased both yield and nitrogen use efficiency at nearly the same pace, […]