CRISPR guacamole, anyone? Gene-edited avocados could survive disease, cold climates

CRISPR guacamole, anyone? Gene-edited avocados could survive disease, cold climates

[Fonte: GLP] Researchers from Texas Tech University and the University of Buffalo have studiedavocados in a way that is best described as a 23andMe test …. They discovered that the avocado genome has naturally evolved over time to increase its resistance to disease—a finding that could be significant for the future of avocado breeding.

The discovery could help growers breed more disease-resistant avocados, and eventually lead to varieties that are drought-resistant or less temperature sensitive, and can be grown in northern and drier climates. More growing options could …. protect shoppers from a price hike …. In early July, avocado prices were 129 percent higher than they were at the same time in 2018.

Read full, original article:Now that scientists have sequenced the avocado genome, can we grow them in Minnesota?

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