Oferta de emprego – Engenheiro Agrónomo – Odemira

Oferta de emprego – Engenheiro Agrónomo – Odemira

Clever Leaves Holdings (NASDAQ: CLVR) is a multi-national cannabis company with an emphasis on ecologically sustainable, large-scale cultivation and pharmaceutical-grade processing as the cornerstones of its global cannabis business.

Clever Leaves is looking for an Agronomist to support the agronomy efforts (crop management) for the production of high-quality plants and to provide internal technical expertise (problem solving, alternative solutions) and planning assistance for the agricultural operations. This position is for our agricultural site located in Odemira. This position will report to the Agronomy Manager.

Main Responsibilities

  • Conducts and participates in studies and investigations of new crop varieties and production techniques (trials, collecting data and preparing summary reports).
  • Collaborates in the research of best-in-class agronomic production practices that will optimize yield and quality, reduce costs, improve crop and soil health, and maximize water and fertilizer use efficiency.
  • Manage and propose measures needed to maintain, restore, and improve proper crop management (substrate moisture, pest and disease management strategies, fertilization, irrigation schedule and greenhouse climate control) to achieve optimal field yield.
  • Measures and monitors quality control of the product during preparation activities, planting and harvesting.
  • Runs tests and regular visits to farm locations and field experiments for observations to ensure data collection and updates agricultural team when crop management plans need revisions.
  • Assists in training farm personnel on crop observations, such as plant scouting, for insects and plant diseases.
  • Conduct and collaborates in the research of best-in-class agronomic production practices that will optimize yield and quality, reduce costs, improve crop health, and maximize water and fertilizer use efficiency (trials, collecting data and preparing summary reports).


  • Bachelor’s Degree in agriculture or scientific related field; Master’s degree preferred
  • Minimum of 3 year’s of work experience in agriculture distribution and/or cultivation experience (must have a passion for field work!)
  • Certification as “Técnico Responsável de Produtos Fitofarmacêuticos” (Lei n.º 26/2013)
  • Fluency in Portuguese and English (Spanish is a plus)
  • Residence near Odemira

Preference for relevant professional experience in

  • Hydroponic production systems, environmental conditioning and monitoring of pests and diseases.
  • Statistical analysis
  • Certification systems and audits

Employment conditions

  • Permanent contract; salary depends on experience; health insurance

It is a unique opportunity to spearhead the future of the global cannabis industry while contributing to foster a healthier global community, as part of a global team of highly ambitious and successful people.

If you feel an insatiable curiosity to explore further this amazing opportunity, please send a short but brilliant self-introduction, a list / example of recent successful projects you have been involved and your CV to [email protected].

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