Oferta de Emprego – Ag-Business Development Specialist (M/F) – Nacional

Oferta de Emprego – Ag-Business Development Specialist (M/F) – Nacional

If you have agronomic or agro-business knowledge in your country agriculture, AgriTask can help you develop a commercial career with the farm owners and managers of your region.

AgriTask assist farmers and ag-players with optimizing their agribusinesses. From the small farmers associations in Israel and Brazil to the largest exporters and ag buyers, forestry conglomerates, ag-insurance companies, and governmental projects scattered across Latin America, Ag-players choose AgriTask to enhance quality, yield, and productivity.

The AgriTask platform offering includes:

  • Easy monitoring of all field activities using clients’ own methods and work procedures
  • Free NDVI Satellite images and integration and processing of Drone images
  • Integration of weather forecasts with field measurements, sensors and agronomic models
  • Integration of machinery data with field activities
  • Data analytics using advanced multi-layer correlations and decision support tools
  • Flexible setting of recommendation alerts and automatic reporting
  • Simplified and intuitive planning (via maps) and follow-up of field-activities
  • Customized automatic reports for agronomists and managers, and certification for export and governmental regulations.

We are looking for senior professionals with experience in ag-consulting, ag-system implementation, or sales of agricultural systems to introduce AgriTask in your region on an annual commission-based payment for each client. If you have capability to access decision makers of the ag-industry, this role is a great opportunity for you.


Wide network of contacts and readiness to approach owners of estates and high-level managers of the sector – Mandatory Extensive experience in agriculture finance, agriculture insurance, pre-sales and sales or consulting, or ownership – Mandatory

Complete higher education (Engineering, Economics, Agronomy, Biology, Geography, and the like) or equivalent experience.

Please send curriculum with the title “New Business Portugal”to e-mail: ana@agritask.com

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