Plants can detect insect attacks by 'sniffing' each other's aromas

Plants have nowhere to run from their enemies – flying, crawling and jumping insects want to eat them alive. But plants are not defenceless. […]


Producer organisations – recognised as the key support tool for farmers in Europe

Producers Organisations (POs) and Association of producers Organisations (APOs) key role in helping strengthen farmers’ position in the food supply […]

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Cuts to rural development budget unacceptable

The Rural Coalition and Coalition of European Agriregions deem the recently proposed cut to rural development funding to be unacceptable and […]

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The Neurice project has registered a total of 6 salt-tolerant rice varieties

2 have been registered in Spain, 2 in France and 2 in Italy. The Neurice project brings new tools to the rice sector to fight climate change and […]


Climate change could increase productive farmland more than 30% – and boost carbon emissions 177 gigatons

Future farming in regions that were previously unsuitable for agriculture could significantly impact biodiversity, water resources, and greenhouse […]


European honey producers are sounding the alarm in the face of a distressing market situation and call for an emergency action plan to be put in place.

Faced by a market situation deemed to be critical, the European honey producers and Copa-Cogeca members are launching an appeal from […]


Irrigação do arroz por aspersão reduz uso de água e custos por hectare

Pesquisas realizadas pela Embrapa Clima Temperado (Pelotas, RS) indicam que o cultivo de arroz com irrigação por aspersão representa economia de […]


Study on the implementation of conformity checks in the olive oil sector throughout the European Union

Olive oil is considered as a food category at high risk of non-compliances and frauds, due to its high economic value compared to other food […]


Desertification and agriculture

Desertification is a land degradation process that occurs in drylands. It affects the land’s capacity to supply ecosystem services, such as producing […]


GMO corn that tolerates temperature drops could help farmers protect crop yields

Around the world, each person eats an average of 70 pounds of the grain each year, with even more grown for animal feed and biofuel. And as the […]

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Producing 69% of the world’s production, the EU is the largest producer of olive oil

The European Union is the first producer, exporter and consumer of olive oil in the world. However, due to its high economic value […]


November 2019 sees continued growth in agri-food trade exports

The EU once again recorded an increase in the monthly export value of agri-food products in November 2019. The value of exports rose by […]


The last mile

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Fixing the food system
By 2050, the world’s population will be an estimated 9.7bn people, […]


Statement on UK’s departure from the EU

With UK’s departure from the EU today, the farming sectors cannot but lament the loss of their participation in the future of the EU and its […]


U.S. EPA reaffirms that glyphosate does not cause cancer

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Thursday it finished a regulatory review that found glyphosate, the most […]


La peste porcina africana sigue avanzando en la Unión Europea

Tal y como ha publicado Cazavisión, los avances de la peste porcina africana (PPA) han sido confirmados por las autoridades alemanas tras la […]


5 ways CRISPR-engineered animals can help combat climate change

Climate change is a man-made problem, but humans aren’t the only animals that will be impacted by warming temperatures and shifting […]


The EU and Mexico strengthen cooperation in geographical indications

Today the European Union and Mexico strengthened their cooperation in geographical indications (GIs) protection by updating their […]


EU organic area up 34% since 2012

The total organic area in the European Union (EU) was 13.4 million hectares in 2018, corresponding to 7.5% of the total utilised agricultural area. […]


Wildfire risk can be reduced with agroforestry

New pan-European research has found that proactive land management with agroforestry—mixing livestock and trees—reduces […]