Milder weather approaching as temperatures hit double figures

Milder weather approaching as temperatures hit double figures

“The past few days have seen bitterly cold air from continental Europe drawn across Britain on south-easterly winds, but a change is on the way,” he said.

“Occasional rain will spread from the south-west over the weekend, gradually bringing milder air to all regions.

“Temperatures this weekend will range from 5C in the north, to 8C in the south, or 10C in the south-west.

“By Monday, most places will climb to around 10C, and temperatures are due to stay mild for much of next week. Frost will be unlikely.”

Mr Nicholson said Atlantic frontal systems are likely to bring rain to much of the country through next week.

“Wettest conditions will be toward the south-west, whilst the east and north-east will be drier overall,” he added.

“It will be often windy, and there is a risk of gales at times, particularly later next week.”

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