'Courgette crisis' could last 8 more weeks but offers opportunity for British veg

'Courgette crisis' could last 8 more weeks but offers opportunity for British veg

Dr Chris Bishop, reader in postharvest technology at Writtle University College, returned from Spain last week from a trip with horticulture degree students.

“In Murcia, we were struck by the number of fields that were in a terrible state,” he said.


“You would have had to be very unaware not to notice it. There were fields with large patches where the crop had been washed out.”

Dr Bishop added the UK was the largest or second largest market for many of the companies they visited.

“If they are sending produce outside of Spain, it is generally to the UK and Germany,” he said.

“We saw a lot of lettuce and looked at some outside hydroponics,” he said.

“There was quite a lot of planting operations. I would guess they are doing a little more planting.

“If they have outdoor crops, even if they were not washed away, they may have other issues.”

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