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CRISPR-edited wheat cuts immune response in ‘gluten-sensitive’ patients by 85%, new study shows

[Fonte: GLP] Approximately one person in 100 has celiac disease, which means for them eating gluten is risking diarrhea, […]


Soil fungi turn struggling wheat into ‘climate-smart’ crop with boosted nutrient uptake in new study

[Fonte: GLP] Introducing fungi to wheat boosted their uptake of key nutrients and could lead to new, ‘climate smart’ varieties of crops, […]


Newly identified protein could help safeguard plants against climate change

[Fonte: GLP] A team of scientists from the United States announced that they have identified the protein in plants responsible for its cellular defense against excessive light, […]


Experts ‘overwhelmingly’ endorse CRISPR-edited crop safety, but politics could stifle technology’s progress

It should come as no surprise that innovation is linked to uncertainty, […]


GMO wheat varieties boost crop yields 20-30% in field trial

[Fonte: GLP] Studies conducted at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF) showed experimental genetically modified (GM) wheat lines [have] the potential to significantly increase yields. […]


Offspring of gene-edited, hornless dairy bull born healthy, study confirms

[Fonte: GLP] For the past two years, researchers at the University of California, Davis, have been studying six offspring of a dairy bull, […]


AI-powered devices deliver ‘micro-dose’ of herbicide to cut agriculture’s chemical use

[Fonte: GLP] Above a Saskatchewan field, a line of drones rises in formation, sensors primed to pick out enemy targets below. […]


Sustainable bacon: CRISPR-edited pigs could survive deadly disease, but public support key to success

[Fonte: GLP] Genome editing could be a ‘key tool’ in improving the efficiency of UK pig production and could help in tackling devastating diseases such as African swine fever. […]


Can controlled burns crack down on herbicide-resistant weeds?

[Fonte: GLP] Weeds are thieves. They steal nutrients, sunlight and water from our food crops. In the case of sugarcane, […]


CRISPR gene editing poised to streamline next ‘agricultural revolution,’ plant scientists say

[Fonte: GLP] As a growing population and climate change threaten food security, researchers around the world are working to overcome the challenges that threaten the dietary needs of humans and livestock. […]


Weed-pulling robots are here. Can they eliminate chemical herbicides?

[Fonte: GLP] Early this year, 85-year-old Bonipak Produce unleashed an orange, 8,000-pound autonomous robot upon its California vegetable fields. […]


Citrus Greening bacteria finally grown in the lab—key ‘first step’ to saving Florida’s orange industry

[Fonte: GLP] Washington State University researchers have for the first time grown the bacteria in a laboratory that causes Citrus Greening Disease, […]


South Korea develops 13 GMO crops in 7 years to battle drought, pests

[Fonte: GLP] In South Korea, the National Center for GM Crops (NCGC) aims to enhance national food security and to turn agriculture into a major national leading industry by utilizing  […]


Developing countries likely to boost CO2 emissions to combat hunger, study finds

[Fonte: GLP] Achieving an adequate, healthy diet in most low- and middle-income countries will require a substantial increase in greenhouse gas emissions and water use due to food production, […]


Pesticides don’t pose acute health risk to honeybees foraging on farmland, two-year study finds

[Fonte: GLP] Honey bees forage across a large area, continually scouting the local landscape for ephemeral food resources. […]


CRISPR gene editing protects apples from orchard-destroying fire blight disease

[Fonte: GLP] The bacterium Erwinia amylovora, the causal agent of fire blight disease in apple, triggers its infection through the DspA/E effector which interacts with the apple susceptibility protein MdDIPM4. […]


We need phosphorus to fertilize crops and feed the world—can we mine it sustainably?

[Fonte: GLP] If you wanted to really mess with the world’s food production, a good place to start would be in Morocco. […]


Chemical-free pest control tools on the way thanks to novel gene silencing strategy

[Fonte: GLP] In insects, rapidly evolving primary sex-determining signals are transduced by a conserved regulatory module controlling sexual differentiation. […]


Pollen diversity boosts honeybee defenses against parasites, insecticides, long-distance transport

[Fonte: GLP] A new study provides valuable insights into pollen abundance and diversity available to honeybee colonies employed in five major pollinator-dependent crops in Oregon and California, […]


DNA sequencing technique spots wheat pathogens, and diseases-fighting microbes to stop them

[Fonte: GLP] Plant diseases, especially those caused by fungal pathogens, jeopardize global crop biosecurity and preventing them requires rapid detection and identification of causal agents. […]