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Farm Europe is a think tank that aims to stimulate thinking on rural economies in the European Union. The think tank focuses on all policy areas that impact on rural business with a strong emphasis on agriculture and food policies, particularly the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), but also food standards, the food chain, environment, energy and trade issues.

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Farm to Fork: new studies unveil the economic effects of the strategy

A new study from the Kiel University, Germany, takes a clear cut conclusion on the effect of F2F on the agricultural sector in the UE. And while the US tires to create a coalition […]


New Genomic Techniques: Commission opens public consultation

In September the European Commission opened for public consultation asking for stakeholders their opinion on the legislative initiative to update the curent legal framework on the matter of New Genomic Techniques, following the study published […]


UN Food Systems Summit

After 18 months of preparation, the much awaited UN Food Systems Summit took place this September 23rd and 24th, where hundreds of world leaders (prime ministers […]

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State of the Union 2021

At the 10th anniversary of the event, Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, has given today her second ‘State of the Union Address’ at the European […]


The impact of the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategy – Lots of pain for little gain

The Commission has finally released a study on the impact of its F2F and Biodiversity Strategy proposals on the agriculture sector. […]


Green Energy Platform – “Fit for 55” : renewables from EU agriculture key to make EU’s ambition affordable, realistic and sustainable

The Green Energy Platform (GEP) welcomes the level of ambition and the fact that renewable energy from EU agriculture (i.e. biofuels & […]


EU wine sector: need of a wake up call for Europe

During the last decades, the European wine sector has been able to keep up with the increasing competition both in the domestic and in the world’s markets. It built its strategy on enhanced […]


CAP: The tools for dual performance are there, it’s up to the Member States to mobilize them!

Farm Europe welcomes the agreement on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy reached today. It preserves the common dimension of this policy and it provides the means to […]


Biofuels: A way for agriculture to contribute to the Green Deal goals

Agriculture can be an active part of the Green Deal and positively contribute to reach the ambitious goals that Europe has in terms of reducing GHG emissions. […]


CAP reform: Determination and pragmatism versus hubbub and posturing

Farm Europe did not wish to comment on the failure of the negotiations last week, and to add its own accusations to the hubbub of sterile invective on social media. These accusations […]


New Genomic Techniques: regulatory implications of the last Commission’s report

Farm Europe discussed, today, the regulatory implications of the last report (1) presented by the European Commission on the status of new genomic techniques (NGT), during a digital event […]


The UK-Australia FTA will hurt the EU beef sector

News have circulated that the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is reaching the final legs of negotiation. […]


The taxonomy draft delegated act – one sentence must go

For those who are not familiar with the Taxonomy Regulation, it aims at “launching an ambitious and comprehensive strategy for sustainable finance with the aim of redirecting capital flows […]

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EU Rural Incomes and Biofuels

March 2021
This paper aims to cast a light on the nexus between the profitability of rural livelihoods and biofuels within the EU. […]


The Commission 2021 promotion policy is surprisingly flawed

The EU agri-food promotion policy is a very important tool to expand sales and increase penetration in international markets. […]


The Benefits of EU sourced biofuels

The Green Energy Platform, launched in the summer of 2017, brings together the players in the agricultural sector that see European agriculture not only as a source for food and feedstocks […]



The Commission has just published a Communication on the EU Trade Policy Review.
The fundamental approach to trade issues is kept unchanged. […]

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What is in the Brexit final act for the EU agriculture

The negotiation of a post- Brexit Trade Agreement with the UK has finally been concluded at the eleventh hour, after years of up and downs. Farm Europe has from the outset closely analysed the consequences of Brexit, and raised the […]



While everyone has been getting ready for the end of the year festivities, it is worth mentioning that the US’s Congress has just passed last week its $900 billion COVID-19 relief package. […]