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The Cornell Alliance for Science seeks to promote access to scientific innovation as a means of enhancing food security, improving environmental sustainability and raising the quality of life globally.

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US intelligence report predicts greater global role for biotechnology

Biotechnology could potentially account for about 20 percent of the global economy by 2040, with agricultural and manufacturing uses the main drivers and health care applications expanding. […]


Five reasons to be optimistic about the future of genome editing

Though the past year delivered social, economic, health and personal difficulties that challenged people across the globe, science strutted its stuff. As the public looked to scientists to help […]


CRISPR offers hope for controlling African swine fever

New vaccine trials hold great promise in the management of an East African strain of African swine fever (ASF), one of the most devastating diseases to afflict pigs. […]


Can CRISPR tame avian flu and prevent the next pandemic?

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is picking up steam, it’s tempting to hope that the world can soon move past the horrific human and economic tolls of the coronavirus […]

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How CRISPR can create more ethical eggs

Over the past couple of decades, Western consumers have shown an increasing appetite for more ethical eggs. The European Union and a number of American states […]


Edible insects: From niche ‘passion project’ to widespread acceptance?

Edible insects got one step closer to Europeans’ kitchens this month. The European Food Safety Authority released a scientific opinion on mealworms, concluding that the edible insects have “a high protein content” and pose “no safety […]


New meta-analysis finds Bt crops have no impact on soil biota

A new meta-analysis finds that genetically modified Bt crops — in stark contrast to some pesticides — have no impact on soil invertebrates. […]


Tinted solar panels could boost farm incomes

Tinted, semi-transparent solar panels can generate electricity and simultaneously produce nutritionally-superior crops, offering farmers the prospect of higher incomes and maximizing their […]

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Top European science council demands ‘radical’ GMO regulatory reform

A top European science council calling is demanding a “radical reform of the legal framework” that regulates genetically modified organisms (GMOs) […]

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5 ways CRISPR-engineered animals can help combat climate change

Climate change is a man-made problem, but humans aren’t the only animals that will be impacted by warming temperatures and shifting […]


Five ways CRISPR plants can combat climate change

Plants occupy a unique nexus when it comes to climate change. On the one hand, they can help prevent climate change by capturing carbon. On the […]