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The Cornell Alliance for Science seeks to promote access to scientific innovation as a means of enhancing food security, improving environmental sustainability and raising the quality of life globally.

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Ugandan scientists developing drought tolerant coffee varieties to save valuable cash crop

After releasing coffee varieties resistant to wilt disease, Ugandan agricultural scientists have begun developing Robusta varieties that are drought-tolerant as well. […]


Mexico’s farm sector is already lagging as GM crop ban looms

Banning genetically modified crops and glyphosate will harm 40 percent of Mexico’s gross domestic product (GDP), warned economist Fernando Cruz Morales in a […]


Nigeria green lights GMO maize

Nigeria continues to emerge as a leader in Africa’s adoption of crop biotechnology, approving insect-resistant and drought-tolerant TELA maize for open cultivation. […]

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Uganda edges toward accepting biotechnology as climate challenges mount

Faced with weather extremes, food insecurity and a fast-growing population, there is growing acceptance in Uganda for adopting innovative biotechnologies to address […]


Meager funding commitments cast doubt on UN Food Systems Summit goals

More than 200,000 people have died of hunger since the much-heralded United Nations Food Systems Summit concluded nearly two weeks ago. Another 720 and 811 […]


Microbial revolution promises to upend agriculture and future of food

For decades, new technologies in agriculture have assisted farmers by making food production more efficient. Artificial fertilizers have raised productivity, while genetics tools […]


Nigerian farmers just can’t get enough of GMO cowpea seeds

Nigeria is witnessing a shortage of genetically modified cowpea seeds as farmer demand for the insect-resistant crop dramatically outstrips supply. […]

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Scientific group says gene editing key tool for transforming global food systems

The United Nations Food Systems Summit’s Scientific Group has recognized gene editing as a key tool that can help transform global food systems to end […]


Smallholder farmers are pivotal to transforming global food systems, experts tell UN Summit

Proposals to end world hunger that will emerge from today’s historic United Nations Food Systems Summit will only succeed if smallholder farmers are made the central pivot […]


Gene editing can help agriculture adapt to climate change and meet UN Food Systems Summit goals

Gene editing continues to show great promise for developing more resilient and climate-smart crops to counter the mounting threat of climate change and its adverse effects […]


Africa to push rapid adoption of biotechnology to transform food systems at historic UN Summit

Africa will be pushing for a rapid adoption of biotechnology as one tool to help transform the world’s food systems at the historic United Nation’s Food Systems Summit […]


COVID-19 recovery is a chance to improve the African food system

The World Food Program has warned that the COVID-19 pandemic could cause one of the worst food crises since World War II. It predicts a doubling of the number of […]


UN Summit offers chance to influence global food system

Though the United Nations billed its Sept. 23 Food Systems Summit as an opportunity for “everyone …. to carve a path to a world where good food for all is a reality,” […]


GMO eggplant is documented win for resource-poor farmers

Insect-resistant brinjal, or eggplant, is arguably the most impactful project to bring agricultural biotechnology to resource-poor farmers. […]


Food production generates more than a third of manmade greenhouse gas emissions – a new framework tells how much comes from crops, countries and regions

But to quantify the potential impact of such a shift, we saw a need for better tools to estimate emissions from individual plant- and animal-based food items, with more details about […]


Gene editing: Powerful tool for managing climate change

Growing up, my family spent summer weekends on the beaches of New York State. Riding in a car packed with kids and stuff, someone would note how swelteringly hot it had […]


Gene editing has ‘limitless potential’ to reduce malnutrition, says global food expert

Gene editing is a tool with unlimited potential to help reduce malnutrition globally, said Dr. Lawrence Haddad, executive director of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). […]


Insects: The sustainable future of food and feed?

Call it protein on the fly, on the shuffle or on the crawl. Insects are the future of food, offering a choice that is healthy for people and the planet as the […]

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GM maize progresses in Nigeria as farmers struggle with drought and insect pests

As farmer Ahiaba Sylvanus recalls, it never used to be necessary to spray maize, millet and guinea corn with pesticides in the Nigerian state of Kaduna, […]


GM crops: Kenya and Nigeria progress as Uganda falters

Though several African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia, are making tremendous strides in their quest to develop and commercialize […]