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Common Agricultural Policy, 1964 movie

The CAP came into force in 1962. The modernising European agriculture had to face different issues. This 1964 movie illustrates the solutions to the […]


EU27 agri-food trade – latest data for January-April 2020

The strong performance of the EU’s pork and wheat exports helped to mitigate the trade challenges of Covid-19 and Brexit in the first four months of 2020. […]


Allergenicity assessment of GM plants: stakeholders to support working group

EFSA is setting up a stakeholder consultative group to support its upcoming work on the allergenicity assessment of genetically modified […]


European Commission seeks feedback on the CAP’s impact on natural resources

Today, the European Commission launched a public consultation on the common agricultural policy (CAP)’s impact on natural resources, including biodiversity, […]


A ação da UE teve poucos efeitos sobre o declínio dos polinizadores selvagens, afirma o Tribunal de Contas Europeu

Segundo um novo relatório do Tribunal de Contas Europeu (TCE), as medidas da UE não garantiram a proteção dos polinizadores selvagens. […]


A utilização da água na agricultura da UE é sustentável?

Dado que os agricultores são grandes consumidores de água doce, o Tribunal de Contas Europeu está a avaliar o impacto da política […]

Notícias apoios

Coronavírus: Comissão adota novas medidas excecionais para apoiar o setor vitivinícola

A Comissão adotou hoje um pacote adicional de medidas excecionais para apoiar o setor vitivinícola, na sequência da crise do coronavírus e das suas […]


Short-term outlook: Good production prospects for many agricultural sectors, overall sector should benefit from reopening of foodservice

Many uncertainties remain around the scale of the impact of the coronavirus crisis and the economic recovery. Nonetheless the food […]


New update of import duties for maize, sorghum and rye

Due to a sharp increase in maize prices on the world market, the import duty for maize, sorghum and rye in the European Union is set again at € […]


Agri-food trade strong and stable in the first months of 2020

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak in the opening months of 2020, the EU’s agri-food trade remained strong. The value of agri-food exports from the EU totaled €46.8 billion between January and March (a jump of 6.2% compared to the first quarter of 2019), […]


Commission publishes EU feed protein balance sheet for 2019/20

For marketing year 2019/20, feed demand is forecasted to increase by 2 million tonnes of crude proteins, compared to 2018/19, and reach 84 million tonnes. […]


COVID-19: Commission launches two additional calls for promotion programme proposals

To support the agri-food sector in the recovery of the COVID-19 crisis, the Commission launched two calls for proposals for promotion programmes. […]


AU-EU agrifood platform: reinforcing the link between the EU and African private sectors

Ahead of its official launch, introductory talks on the African Union-European Union agri-food platform will be held on 25 June 2020 during an online event organised by the European Commission, […]


Opening remarks by John Clarke at the Ghana agribusiness platform launch event

Dear Ambassador Acconcia, dear Director Edeme from the African Union Commission, dear Ghanaian and European colleagues and friends, allow me to congratulate you all for this initiative and allow me to share with you some observations on the continental dimension – […]


Increased support for EU farmers affected by the COVID-19 crisis: Council adopts exceptional measures

Today, the Council adopted a regulation which allows member states, as an exceptional measure, to pay up to EUR 7 000 to farmers and up to EUR […]


Pigs at slaughter: measures to address welfare concerns

Most of the hazards related to welfare of pigs at slaughter are due to inadequate staff skills and poorly designed and constructed facilities. […]


O solo conta ?

A vida na terra depende do solo. O solo fornece comida, limpa a água, protege a biodiversidade e captura carbono. […]

Notícias mercados

Pigmeat production in March 2020 higher than March 2019

In March 2020, EU slaughterhouses produced 2.0 million tonnes of pigmeat (in carcass weight) and 0.6 million tonnes of bovine meat. Compared to […]


Needs of farmers and agri-food companies are significant

Based on the feedback of 7,600 farmers and 2,200 agri-food companies across the EU, 24 country-specific fi-compass reports present the main challenges faced by these two groups when it comes to access to finance. […]


A biodiversidade das terras agrícolas continua em declínio apesar das medidas específicas da PAC

De acordo com um novo relatório do Tribunal de Contas Europeu (TCE), a política agrícola comum (PAC) não foi capaz de inverter a […]